You Caught Me Dreaming

One of the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with is a photographer called Allan Jenkins. Here are the photos from our last shoot together…













Photography by Allan Jenkins:

Model / Make up:


Dystopia – Photoshoot with Julian M Kilsby

Last year I worked with the fabulously talented Birmingham based photographer Julian Kilsby again, and this time we did something different from his more famous style of shooting latex. I was given a brilliant dystopian themed outfit made by local costumier Katmaren Designs to model, and Julian instantly knew how it had to be shot!

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

© 2012 of  Julian M Kilsby

Photography by Julian M Kilsby –

Model and Make Up – (myself)

Outfit –

Shooting the El Wood 2013 Calendar

Last year I had the pleasure of working with stunning model El Wood for her 2013 calendar. She wanted modern glam make up and hair to compliment the fresh styling by talented stylist Natasha Lyons and with the great photographer Chris Harris on board, we got some fantastic shots on the day.

For the first few looks I kept the skin looking dewy with barely-there foundation and did the signature ‘El’ look of a kitten flick eyeliner and coral lipstick. I finished the look with a small drawn on beauty spot to give the make up a vintage glam feel.



I took the beauty spot away for the next looks and changed the lipstick to a pretty magenta colour. For one look I even added a little cat nose and whiskers!



The last looks were darker and bolder so I gave El a ‘lived in’ smoky eye to keep the look modern and rock ‘n’ roll. I also changed her lipstick to dark pink/red colour to make the overall look quite vampish.




Photography by Chris Harris:

Model is El Wood:

Styling by Natasha Lyons:

Make up and hair by me:

Isabella, Rosa, Judith and Angelique: The New Bridal Fascinators

I’ve been working on creating new bridal fascinators and I recently added four new pieces to the growing collection. As with all of my hats and accessories, I made them using  a variety of luxury fabrics, crystals and beads in order to ensure that they are of the very best quality.

'Isabella' fascinator

The ‘Isabella’ fascinator

The ‘Isabella’ fascinator is made from a round base of sinamay and decorated with a whole host of lace, pearls, crystals and sequins. The back of the fascinator is adorned with many iridescent leaves and berries that are carefully picked out with small Swarovski crystals; while the front boasts a unique waterfall of pearls that gently fall down around the side of face.

The 'Rosa' fascinator

The ‘Rosa’ fascinator

The ‘Rosa’ fascinator is made in a teardrop design and is covered with luxurious cream velvet and adorned with lace applique. Tiny little iridescent crystals are placed around the lace to highlight the design and sparkle in the light. The back of the fascinator features cream satin ruffles, velvet leaves and silk fabric roses. Each rose carries a small Swarovski crystal and each leaf a few glass seed beads to create leaf ‘veins’.

The 'Judith' fascinator

The ‘Judith’ fascinator

The ‘Judith’ fascinator is made in a more rounded teardrop design and covered with expensive cream silk velvet and decorated with cream guipure lace applique. The lace is accented with little pearls and sequins that subtly highlight the design and faintly twinkle through the fine glitter net veil. At the back of the fascinator and at the base of the veil sit little silk flowers and pearls that hold the net in place.

The 'Angelique' fascinator

The ‘Angelique’ fascinator

The ‘Angelique’ fascinator base is made from pure white silk and adorned with white lace applique that is studded with little crystals and sequins. The main feature of this unique fascinator is the light grey and white net, feather, fabric leaf and flower centrepiece. In the very middle of this centrepiece sits a beautiful light grey fabric flower that holds a cluster of sparkling diamante crystals.

Each one of these fascinators attach with a slide comb underneath that grip the hair effectively.

The new bridal fascinators are available from my website: in the ‘fascinators’ section.

All accessories and hats are also available through my Etsy shop:

Photography by Paul Larkins:

Model is Alivya Free:

Fascinators by Creations by Liv Free:

Photoshoot for Malice Clothing and Sugar and Vice with Pirate Photography

A few months ago I did a shoot with my good friend and talented photographer Kitty Wood from Pirate Photography. I was sent a some stuff from Malice to model and Kitty had a few things from Sugar and Vice to photograph – so we got together one Sunday to collaborate!

Here is a little of what we shot:

Double strap suspenders by Malice

‘Double strap’ suspenders by Malice

Pentagram leg harness by Malice

‘Pentagram’ leg harness by Malice and ram head necklace by Sugar and Vice

'Mermaid' top and ram head necklace by Sugar and Vice

‘Mermaid’ top and ram head necklace by Sugar and Vice

Harness by Malice

‘Skinny’ harness by Malice

'Inverted Cross' top and cat face necklace by Sugar and Vice

‘Inverted Cross’ top and cat face necklace by Sugar and Vice

Pentagram harness by Malice

‘Pentagram’ harness by Malice

'Basic' harness and 'Tri Strap' harness by Malice

‘Basic’ and ‘Tri Strap’ harnesses by Malice

I always have so much fun shooting with Kitty! No photoshoot with her would be complete without a silly ‘behind the scenes’ shot, so here is one from this shoot:



Even though I model, I find it exceptionally hard to take myself seriously… 😉



Featured Tops and Jewellery:

Model/Make up/Styling: Me

Photoshoot with Ched53 Photography & Jess Abidde

Some of my make up palettes

Some of my make up palettes

Last year I was asked by talented photographer Aaron from Ched53 Photography to do make up on the beautiful model Jessica Abidde, and I was more than happy to do so! We were also joined by lovely hairstylist Kirby Blythe, who did an excellent job on Jess’s hair.

Jess Abidde (model)

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

For the first look I created a slightly golden brown smokey eye and I kept the skin quite fresh and dewy. The lips were left natural so the emphasis was all on Jess’s eyes.

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

Behind the scenes: Aaron shows Jess some of the photos

Behind the scenes: Aaron shows Jess some of the photos

The make up for the second look was kept the same and all I did was tidy it up a little to keep it fresh. Kirby changed the hair and a new outfit was selected.

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

Behind the scenes: Kirby tidies up Jess's hair

Behind the scenes: Kirby tidies up Jess’s hair

The third look was a lot stronger and I felt that I needed to add something to the make up to make it bolder. I added a bold metallic red lipstick that looked amazing on Jess’s full lips.

Behind the scenes: red lip

Behind the scenes: red lip


Behind the scenes: me touching up Jess’s lipstick

For the last two looks we decided to go very feminine and pretty – for this I did very natural and soft make up on Jess, and Kirby put her hair up in an elegant up-do.

Behind the scenes: Jess getting her hair done

Behind the scenes: Jess getting her hair done

Behind the scenes: make up all done and hair being styled

Behind the scenes: make up all done and hair being styled

For these pictures Aaron made a ‘bed’ covered in chocolate coloured satin for Jess to lie on, giving these photos a glamorous feel.

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

Behind the scenes: Jess Abidde (model)

Here are the finished photographs:








Thank you to everyone involved!

Photography: Ched53 Photography /

Model: Jessica Abidde /

Hair: Kirby Blythe /

Make up: Me /

Accessories: Creations by Liv Free /

Behind the scenes photographs taken by myself and Kirby.

New ‘Russian Opulence’ Collection of Kokoshnik Headdresses

Hi guys, so I know it’s been a long time since I last blogged, and so I thought I would update you all on my new collection of headdresses inspired by Russia. I have made 9 kokoshnik headdresses in total, all beaded and covered in crystals! It took me 2 and half weeks of constant work in order to get these finished.

'Winter Goddess' kokoshnik

‘Winter Goddess’ Kokoshnik

As you can probably tell, this kokoshnik was inspired by Russian winters – all snow and ice, glittering in the sun. This headdress is made with a silver and white brocade that twinkles like fresh snow, and is adorned with beautiful big silver and clear gems, crystals and pearls.

'Twilight' beaded kokoshnik

‘Twilight’ beaded Kokoshnik

This headdress is made from grey cotton, heavily beaded with silver and black glass beads and edged with small pearls. Black knotted fringing comes down around the face, highlighted slightly by iridescent paint.

'Dark Princess' kokoshnik

‘Dark Princess’ Kokoshnik

This headdress is smaller than the rest, adorned with many tiny glass beads and sequins in silver and grey colours. It is tipped with small crystal fronds and a pretty black and silver pendant. Black silk flowers are positioned around the sides and each flower holds a small clear crystal in the centre.


‘Imperial’ Kokoshnik

This stunning kokoshnik is made from  sumptuous red velvet, adorned with many crystals of varying colours: golds, clear, red, blue and green; and trimmed in bright gold braid. At each side a small red velvet rose sits above a cascade of red and gold beads and a bright gold tassel.

'Golden Forest' Kokoshnik

‘Golden Forest’ Kokoshnik

This kokoshnik was the first made in the collection, and is made from plum velvet, dark brown felt, and adorned in a whole host of golden pearls, leaves, coins, glass beads and crystals. Small bronze and copper tone beads come down around the face in large loops.

'Empress' Kokoshnik

‘Empress’ Kokoshnik

The ‘Empress’ kokoshnik takes it’s inspiration this time from 19th century kokoshniks which were inspired greatly by Italian Renaissance fashions and french hoods. So you may notice that I have also included some Tudor references in the design. This headdress is made from a brown crushed silk velvet, adorned with copper, bronze, khaki and hematite colour beads, small copper roses, gold lace, chain and tassels.

'Golden Night' Kokoshnik

‘Golden Night’ Kokoshnik

Intricately beaded, embroidered and painted, this headdress is covered with gold and bronze glass beads, crystals and leaves. This kokoshnik is edged in gold lace which is picked out with clear crystals and light gold tassels adorn the bottom of the headdress. Gold and black fringing edges the front of the headdress, which covers the hairline of the wearer.

'Black Dahlia' Kokoshnik

‘Black Dahlia’ Kokoshnik

Made with high quality black silk velvet, this headdress is more reserved than the others in the collection. It is inspired by the beautiful black dahlia flower, which is indicated by the black silk flowers attached to the sides of the kokoshnik. In each flower sits five silver and gold metallic beads, and long dark gold chains drop from the under-petals of the flowers. The main part of this headdress is beaded with brushed metal beads in gold, silver and grey colours, making this headdress more wearable.

'Mistress of Darkness' Kokoshnik

‘Mistress of Darkness’ Kokoshnik

Last but not least is the ‘Mistress of Darkness’ headdress, which is completely black. It is mainly made out of panels of black faux leather and black beaded lace, adorned with a crown of long faceted black crystals and pleats made from high quality satin ribbon. Each point of this headdress is tipped with the same black crystals that decorate the front and hang down around the face.
At the very front, nestled in the pleats are a whole host of black roses in various sizes.

These kokoshnik headdresses will be available in my online shop from the end of July 2013 here: (Creations  by Liv Free)

However, since I loved making these headdresses so much, I am sure that another collection will follow on from this one in the future!

Creations by Liv Free